How to set up auto decay in server???

  • I have a server for a week, it got populated, plenty of newbs come and go and leave their trash buildings all over the map. Now I want to delete them all so that only active players get their bases left. I went and turned on the auto abandon option on on g-portal server config.

    It has 2 options for it, maxautodecay smh and other one similar and both have values like 60400 or smh.

    What is this value? I imagine it is timing. Why the max value is 60400 and 60500?? what is this? minutes or seconds?

    both ways it doesn't make sense. it would be liek 40+ days or 16 hrs then.

    I want the server to auto delete afk buildings in 5 days, where do I set it up then??? there are only 2 options for auto decay and I cannot find any help on it anywhere.

  • its going to be in Basic Settings. Sec will Edit this in a sec to get the details for ya.

    There's 2 settings to take into account:

    MaxBuildingDecayTime - This is the timer for how long each piece has for Decay time. This timer does stack per piece.

    MaxDecayTimeToAutoDemolish - This will be more for when player don't show from how I understand this one. So I know the Official servers have a default of 7 days and then all your stuff turns to dust. I am not sure if this is in seconds, hours or days though. Things were not too clear on that end.

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  • its going to be in Basic Settings. Sec will Edit this in a sec to get the details for ya.

    can you also explain me those values for the future uses, because after the clearance happens I will be turning back off the auto abandoning. And then let it to be on for a week again, and so on and after. Also, any way to do it so I won't have to repair walls and stuff, but it will still gets destroyed by server after specific afk time? ty

  • update. so apparently, the buildings that were built in the beginning only has 80hrs left before auto destroyed. So it is a good thing, that server even after switch on of auto abandoning and auto decay counts the time not from the turning on, but from the date they were built. The default time seems to be 360 hrs, at least that's what it shows to me. But I might be wrong here.

    I read it also depends on the size of the building, the smaller the size, the faster it decays. Oof

    EDIT: okay, so I was wrong. I walked around for more to see and it depends on the size of a building. Some buildings have 18hrs before collapsing which are like 5 peace buildings and other ones are 360 which is max time for a building.

    NOW, is it possible to disable the need of repairing your buildings? I have a huge ass base and other buildings scattered across the map, it will take me forever to upkeep and check every single peace to make sure it is 100% health. And if no, then if I would do value 0 on auto decay, but leave like idk.. 80 hrs value on auto abandoning, would it turn off auto decay and let to destroy abandoned buildings manually after timer is up??

    The post was edited 2 times, last by gportal_193563: EDIT 2: I did deep googling and found out it values are in seconds.. So WHAT I did to disable the decay is just put 0 value in the field. I checked it out on back up and it says decaying in 21 second once u come close to the peace of building or anything else with your building hammer. Then when it hits 0 nothing happens, so I will wait for a day and see what happens. So far absolutely nothing I hope it disabled it. However the second value for the demolish I did to 5 days from 604000 (7 days) seconds to 432000 (5 days) and will see if it will wipe out abandoned buildings in the time. So hope it kinda solved my problems. I still wish we would be able to broadcast messages live and do automatic restarts. ().

  • I think what you're possibly thinking of is the activation of this:


    Now quite honestly I am not entirely sure if that means you need to have PVP mode enabled to allow this to take effect so you can go through and just destroy things yourself? Maybe on that..

    But the last bit you mentioned you would most likely want to set the auto decay to something like 0.001 and leave things alone and then it should auto destroy everything after a few hours. Make sure you stay signed in for a bit since the timer is based on when you're in the neighborhood.

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