Server is not showing up, and on admin page the game server load is at 0.00/0,00 GB RAM

  • Hey,

    So I've bought and set up a Conan Exiles PS4 Game server here on gportal. Been playing on it for a few days now with no issues at all. But today the server has not been showing up at all, and it says online on admin page, but the server load is at 0% CPU and 0,00/0,00 GB RAM. This makes no sens whatsoever, and I wonder if there's anything I can do to fix it? If there's a simple fix? Already sent in a ticket, but guessing that's going to take ages before I actually get a reply. Anything you guys can do at all to help would be appreciated.

  • The server load data is just a visual and doesn't have an impact on anything. If G-Portal shows as Online and you cannot locate the server at the funcom pages, you will need to submit a ticket with Funcom and the details there and they can re-sync the G-Portal to their servers again.

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