Renting a Server Question

  • Im locked out of the server i was playing on for Conan on PS4 due to the update that happened and its been all morning and im about to rent my own server for me and my friends.

    I was playing on an Official Conan Server in the Asia Region (Official Server #4056 PvE - IS there a reason this server didnt update yet? Is it because the Asia servers havent updated yet?

    What is the server "Duration" option when you first click on the rent a server. Will it only be open for lets say i choose 30 days only for that 30 day period? Will that server only be up for 30 days then it will be shutdown and wiped?

  • I don't know about your first question ,but if you chose 30 days it will run for 30 days and you have the option to extend the time buy paying for another month. You could also set it to extend run time automatically by making sure you have money in loaded in your cloud. You also get discount for running your duration longer periods of time.