Deleted Forge...

  • Hi i wonder if anyone can help, I am owner of a conan server and have recently accidently deleted the forge in the Well Of Skelos, is there anyway to reinstall it to the server?

    I have tried...

    rolling the server back

    starting wih a diff save game

    retarting server from complete stop

    and I dont want to wipe if I can help it, but if I have to I dont entirely understand how to.

    Help please ;(

  • I think you might have to wipe and redo it man...

    You can try doing a Reinstall and reload the last savegame file to see if that takes.

    Can also try a Restore from a Backup if you have one.:/

    Other than that I think you'd be stuck doing a wipe man.:cursing:which totally bites.

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