Changing Player Count On Server

  • I've recently purchased 5 more slots for my server but am having trouble actually using them. I currently have a 10 slot server for me and my friends, but tried to upgrade to 15. I changed my gamecloud settings and paid for the new slots and it now says I have 10/15 slots in use but when i try to change the active slots on my server I up to 15 and press the "change" button but nothing happens, and the only available option on the "Player Count" setting on the server is 10.

  • Opened a ticket and got it solved. Figured I'd post here if google brings someone here with the same problem. Apparently Conan Exiles now requires you to have at least 20 slots on a server but I had just gotten mine a day before this change had taken place, so in order to add more slots I had to go to 20.