Minecraft Hosting Questions

  • I am looking into hosting a minecraft server with G-Portal and I am trying to find more details about it such as how many gigabytes of RAM I will be given. I only need 4 slots and I would like to run a FTB minecraft mod which requires 4gb minimum. When I go through to through the purchase process it gives no details on this. I have ran an ARK server through G-Portal but never a minecraft server. Any information like price per gb if I had to increase it, would be awesome. Last time I invested in a server they bled me dry for 6gb server being $42.00 a month.

  • Awesome questions!

    Well as far as RAM goes, it's pretty much open for that. Now the display for your server will show you 6GB limit, but that's not true. It's just a display. When you need more RAM, the server will expand for anything RAM wise. You could have 13gb/6gb showing and there wouldn't be any impact to the gameplay in other words. So no extra cost for RAM that I'm aware of..

    The Mod packs would load similar to the Ark ones you've used before. Now take im mind though, if the Modpack is not listed it may cause issues. Mods are not totally supported by G-Portal at this time, so if you add the Modpack and it goofs things up, remove it immediately.

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