Many, many server issues.

  • so, I've been having issues with a lot of stuff. First, I setup a modpack to the g-portal server, when I try to join the server from the modpack it tells me that my minecraft version is out of date, when I try to match the server with the modpack version because I can't use a different minecraft version due to the modpack, the version I need isn't there. I'm pretty sure I have to be doing something wrong. In addition to this, when I finished all of my settings and such and run my server with no mods to make sure it wasn't server side, I get into the server and I'm in creative mode with none of the commands working at all. The only commands I have are very limited, like /list and /w absolutely nothing useful, and my profile is a level 4 OP, I also tried to OP myself from the console in the website and nada, no changes. Any help appreciated. So far I'm not feeling great about the servers, my ARK server also didn't have any of the advertised administration commands, but I didn't mind much then because it's ark and I was just playing with friends.

  • Hello adrik0622!

    Sorry to hear about the Mod not working properly. There are some issues with Mods in general. While they are optional, they may or may not work. G-Portal is working on some fixes for Mods, but at this time, its a 'use at own risk' kind of thing. They're not really supported.

    Take in mind, the version of games being supported are done via Steam. So if it works via Steam, it may work with the G-Portal server.

    Now there are a whole lot of articles on Mods and fixing these types of issues so check out the following link

    There is a section for Minecraft that will go through all of your questions for you. Check those out and if you run into a snag, let us know.

    While we work together as a community, you are most welcome to ping me on things as well.

    For adding Mods and using ftp and such though, daenrys7 is awesome for knowing how to do those.

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  • I apologize, I just found out I've been joining the wrong world the entire time. I'm a special kind of stupid. Thank you for the help. there is one thing though, when I do go back and try to install hexxit the minecraft version won't go to 1.5.2 in the g-portal settings, once again sorry for the hassle, I have reviewed the wiki and it didn't seem like there was anything there to help me, in the meantime I'll double check, but thank you for your patience once again

    The error I get when I try to join the server from the modpack is "internal exception: Bad packet id 153"

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