Stamina won’t save

  • These are valid settings for Stamina Cost:

    Stamina Cost Multiplier PlayerStaminaCostMultiplier >td >
    • 0.5 = 5 Stamina spent
    • 1.0 = 10 stamina spent (*Default)
    • 1.5 = 15 stamina spent
  • When you make the changes is the game stopped fully? Conan gets kinda quirky with that.

    I know sometimes with mine I have to wait like 5 minutes after it shows as stopped or it doesn't always keep my changes that I've saved. Not entirely sure why. Thinking it might be a delay in network connections.*shrug* I know my stuff saves properly though when I get the 5 minute delay for making changes.

    Try that if it doesn't work, post again and we can try and figure it out together.

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  • Ok I waited more than 5 mins while it was stopped changed the stamin cost to 0.2 then started server while I was on the server select screen it said it was set to 0.2 so I joined server but it was still set to 1.0. This is really starting to annoy me cause I switched other settings and they seemed to have saved in game but the stamin cost will not save regardless of what I do.

  • Yeah that is kinda odd....

    I would recommend you submit a Support ticket for that one. Sounds like something is out of sync with G-Portal and Funcom from sounds of things.

    Gorgrak - Master of Destruction by eating lots of pizza