• Another update? This one going on for an hour now, 4:30 am est to 5:30 am est, does anyone ever get to play the game for more than a couple hours?

    I got this server 2 weeks ago, six or seven tickets so far. I will give them credit for their responses though, but I never get to play for christs sake!

    And does anyone know how to wipe their server? All this talk of Atlas wipe, you would think it would be something you could find info on.

    Oh, and yes I'm still updating.

    Another update on updating, Hour and a half now today so far, Hour and 45 mins last night, game and server time gone.

    Really Happy.

    Oh, don't you get some kind of notice other than your game just losing connection?

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  • About the only thing I can tell you on this one is to turn off auto updates. With that being said, if you don't keep track of the updates, and let them pile up, that can cause you problems as well. What I do is turn the auto off if I am gonna be on a long play session, then when I log off for the night I allow it to update. All of this is of course based on " Game updates" , if it's a server update being done by G portal, not sure there is a lot you can do about it. hang in there my friend, while having your own server can sometimes be a pain in the keester , the benefits far outweigh the downside.

  • Because they ( Meaning the developers) are probably trying to fix what they screwed up the first time. I don't think it's a G-Portal thing, it's a game thing. Nothing you can do now until the current update is complete. After that just turn off the auto update, with the knowledge that whatever they are trying to fix will still be present on your server until you update it.

  • the frequency of updates is not a Grapeshot thing, the amount of time an update takes to finish is a gportal thing especially if its over an hour. Its the way their auto update system is setup.

  • Generally any update for G-Portal takes no longer than 30 minutes tops. Usually they're done in like 5-10 minutes most times.

    If you've given it 30-60 minutes and seen no progression, please make sure to submit a Support ticket and keep working on it via there.

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  • I've had this server the day the game came out and it has never taken 30 minutes or less. It takes hours , and in some cases. Usually 2 specific grids it has been taking 3-6 hours. Which then takes multiple tickets to get it sorted. If people are getting there server updates in 30 minutes or less I'm very jealous.

    Not to mention the grapeshots timing on there updates is horrible ., but then again I guess it will be always horrible for someone somewhere no matter what. Friday night though . Prime time !!

  • atlas takes soooooooo long to update... way more than any other game. out of curiousity i stuck one on a google cloud server.. it was almost as bad, so its not gportal.

    Little bit of both, sometimes Gportal's auto update works fine other times servers get stuck in loops/offline when that happens there isn't much we can do other create a ticket and wait. I think the longest we've had is 4+ hours, we need a steam manual update option along with the auto update option so we can pick and choose how we want to manage our updates