Constant server disconnects since friday

  • Hey,

    Our West coast datacenter is currently doing upgrades and maintenace this weekend, We apologies for the issues. And it should be finished and done in the next 30 to 45 mins, Hopefully after then, They will be complete and will have no further issues

  • yes im still having disconnects on my pc west coast server.

    conan exiles server

    Sorry to hear about your server not working still - This next part is for everyone not just a single player....:)

    For anyone having issues with the server not going online or having disconnect issues, please make sure your connections are in good standing firstly.

    I'm no IT whiz, but I try to make sure my home network isn't having lag issues in general, so just a suggestion.

    Now if you know your network is fine, then what you really need to do is submit a Support ticket.

    Without the ticket, the devs can't check your server and details since it could mean them messing around with personal data, and they would want your permission to do certain things before they do it so you are not only informed, but if something does go off kilter further, they can adjust for things and fix it faster.

    This also lets them contact Funcom directly to sync things up faster.

    When you submit the ticket, be as detailed as possible. The more details means a faster fix.

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