Website layout

  • The fading background color scheme just doesn't work imo, Fading backgrounds very rarely work as they always take your focus to the lighter side especially on ultra-wide monitors.

    A plain background would've been better.

    Also the way the Servers settings layout was in the old design was so much better, especially in the basic settings where Extended settings were all in column format instead of a big long list as they are now.

    The left hand side list where you can choose overview/settings/config files etc etc does make navigating the server options compared to the old design better :D

    Also on a side note is it possible to have in account/profile the option to turn the new design off instead of having to click the little tab at the bottom left everytime we log in?

    Oh and when viewing the .ini files can we have the config view box (so need a better word) larger please there would be so much more space for it if 1/4 of the page wasn't taken up by the Atlas picture :thumbsup:

    Thank you ^^