Very Disappointed

  • So it seems, although GPortal have established a worthwhile forum to allow their customers to provide feedback on service issues, when those complaints or comments are raised the response is to just close the case without comment?

    I refer to the case below.

    Sever IP addresses changed without Notice

    I would have thought the very least would have been a comment from someone within G-Portal acknowledging that what occurred was bad ITSM practice and that process would be reviewed. G-Portal need to look at a methodology whereby appropriate information can be communicated out to Server owners to advise them of changes, particularly when, as is the case with an EA game like Atlas, users are relying on IP addressing to directly connect to the servers.

    A simple email advising of the proposed change in advance would have satisfied what was needed.

  • Chris M,

    This is a good feature that could be brought to light. I will contact someone about this suggestion and see if I can get it implemented.

    I know I have never had an issue with my IP address being changed on me, but that does not mean that it does not happen. I have passed the information on for you.

  • It was simply removed, and placed in the correct location, as this is a community board and not a place to directly try and have thing implemented by our staff by some what a force tactic. But we do understand you point 100% and thats why we rarely change ip if at all, But in some cases it is needed due to upgrades, or hardware goes down. This something that rarely happens but does. I have brought up the subject of sending out notification to the owners and we are looking into how to setup a system for this. But over all we are simply looking into a method of assigning ip based on service instead of Hardware, So even if you are moved or changed the Ip would go with you, and nothing would be different except the host machine.

  • Thank you for the response. I fully understand your need to manage. I’m not even questioning the IP address change, just the fact that it was done without notice.

    Sounds like you have taken the feedback on board which is all I was seeking in the first place.

    Thank you