#FreeExiles US west

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    Server Name: #FreeExiles(5x-XP/H)18+/NO-RP/AoC/Thrall Wars/active/Relaxed community(2/3/2019)

    (no wipe unless forced)

    Server IP:

    discord server: https://discord.gg/kJk9C2H


    Pippi, Fashionist, salvermod, Sexiles, Thrall war Dungeon, WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles, RP Aesthetics, Age of Calamitous

    #FreeExiles is destined to be an advanced builders PVP paradise! with hopes to have long time players with elaborate bases, Admin events with PVP tournaments, Boss fight challenges, Raids on admin towns, and more when time allows.

    Become a citizen of #FreeExiles and start your journey towards becoming a murderous red Enforcer (Red named players), a protector of the #FreeExiles People With the Temple Knights (Green named players) or the Dragons Guard (Blue named players) the protectors of the Gods rules.

    Our server is a unique mix of players with a love for PVP, Building, and PVE content. We have a good player base with about 10+ people on at peek PST hours. Active events, a functioning discord community with active helpful players. An admin is available most times of the day and here to help make your playtime fun and pain-free as possible (within reason of course! we like to play as players too).

    The server settings here are designed to make the grind less grindy and leave more time for the love of the game.

    #FreeExiles is a Good place for-

    ~Villainous characters play into the murderer/killer roll in a healthy respectable way are most welcome here! Every story needs a good villain.

    ~ Temple Knights ~Avenge the weak and hunt the Enforcers

    ~Players who enjoy all aspects of the game including the occasional murdering.

    ~Anyone who loves to build

    we have rules against bullying! don't fret

    * We offer start-up kits for new adventurers

    * gambling kits to feed those dark desires

    * In process of creating custom dungeons and more immersive quest for out kits.

    * Active players in a friendly environment with a dash of PVP

    * active helpful admin!

    * Pre-paid long-term server

    *Daily server Reboots @ 05:00 and 17:00 PST