Progress thread/Post request

  • Can a pinned post be made with Peoples suggestions with time frames and status updates rather than us suggesting things and either not getting a reply or the default "yes we're looking at it"?

    Some of the things ppl have already suggested like Having 1 grid PvP and the rest PvE

    Stuff like map overlays and Toptribe options which are can be configured.

    Gamelog files etc etc

    All this stuff is doable but since we aren't given full access to our server files we have to sit on our hands and wait.

    Sorry if this comes across bitchy but we've had our server from nearly the beginning and with the price of having a large ish server you would expect to have full access to its files, so you could configure it the way you want or at least be given a time frame for things to be implemented

  • Chris M and eviscerate, we hear you. I will mention this and see what can be done. G-Portal does pin the change log which contains the things they are working on and or have completed/implemented. I will pull together all the suggestions and see where we are.

    Stay Tuned and take care<3<3

    Happy Valentine's Day<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3