Custom Map Image Update Question

  • I uploaded a custom map early on to see if it worked but the image wasn't finished. I'd forgotten to hide names routes etc. So I finished the map and edited the images. The problem is that now I can't get it to show the new updated images even after deleting the old maps. Does anyone know how to get the new map to show? Everything is saved as directed, including the .zip of the appropriate files.

    I seem to recall having to delete a folder through the FTP or something but I can't find that post anywhere.

  • I appreciate the response. I've tried everything there. It didn't fix it though.

    The problem is that it keeps showing, on the server, the old map image even though I've deleted it multiple times, I've cleared all my local files including mapimages. I've deleted and reinstalled the server completely.

    I can't tell if it's a problem with the .json or if there's an old image being saved to the server somehow even through the deletion and reinstallation. The map and cell images that are exported and zipped are correct.

  • Update, it seems that everything in game is actually working. Maps and all. What doesn't seem to be working is the display map on the upload. The image that it shows of the map is an old one.

    I never did solve the problem overall, but the in game map works fine. However you all do it, if you see fit to close this, I don't need anything else. Thanks much!