Conan Exiles: installed mod not showing in-game?

  • I've been running a small server (10 people) for a little while now. This morning (EST), at the request of my players, I added a small QoL mod in addition to the ones we're already running. I added it to my server list just like I did the others. It's displaying appropriately on the server list. Launching Conan Exiles, the game doesn't show that mod as being on the server at all. We're unable to load into the server because the game insists our mods don't match.

    I stopped the server appropriately to add the mod. I've since performed a server restart. The server still shows the mod as present, while Conan Exiles insists it isn't. Any advice? Is this a delay on G-Portal's side, maybe just something I have to wait a few minutes on?

  • Some awesome questions there!

    Sorry you're having issues though.

    First thing to note, G-Portal doesn't really support Mods, so if you use them, you can, but it is more of a 'use at your own risk' kind of thing.

    If you add a Mod to the game files and it doesn't work, chances are it is out of date. The games have been getting daily and weekly updates pretty much back to back since coming out since they're Early Access. This means if the Mod isn't showing as updated in the last couple weeks, it may or may not work at all.:(

    If you do add a Mod, one thing I suggest is adding the Mod to your files, Wait for about 5 minutes. Then start the server again but let it run for like 10 minutes before hopping back into it. This should allow the Mod to fresh load into the game.

    Be mindful of how many Mods you add too. The more Mod you add means more files for the game to process so that could bog things down a bit, or possibly even break things.

    In the end, if the Mod doesn't work after all of this, it is likely too far gone and not going to work, so just remove it, let the person who made it know it doesn't work, so MAYBE they will come back and update it, or give you permission to update it as well. :)

    Hope this helps!

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  • Wow, that is really great maybe i should look into another server provider if that is how mods will be treated by gPortal. Seems a bit shit if you ask me.

  • Mods are a wonderful addition to the games. Some people like lots of mods and others only a few; then there are those that don't play with mods at all.

    Generally, once you have selected and installed the Mods on the Mods Tab, you should move them from Available to Selected on the Basic Settings Tab.

    If you are still experiencing issues please do submit a support ticket and technical will address them for you.

    Welcome to the GPortal fam and take care:love: