server settings miscreated

  • can some one please help me with 2 commands.

    no base damage and also schedule server shut down.

    the no base damage command i can not find and the shutdown command i have from the help section wont work, thanks

  • So the shutdown command I found that worked is as follows:

    do_shutdown SECONDS

    Where SECONDS is the number of seconds before shutdown, from 45 to 600

    The following would cause the server to restart in 120 seconds:

    do_shutdown 120

    Next thing is for the base raiding setup. Try this (I found it in the Steam forums - Server Config thread by InYourMind):

    No bases allowed on server
    g_gameRules_bases=1 (Default)
    Normal base building
    Activate a faction
    Special built-in faction indexes: (built-in factions can't be disabled)
    0 - players (without faction)
    1 - environment (Mutants, Animals, etc)
    2 - bases
    Sets the factionname and chatcommand keyword to join the faction.
    Be sure to select a non conflicting name.
    g_gameRules_faction3-6_steamids="123456;1234567;..." (Default: empty, meaning everyone can join)
    Access restriction to faction (semicolon seperated list)
    g_gameRules_faction0-6_dmg_f0-6=1.0 (Default: All 7x7 cvars are 1.0)
    Damage multiplier of faction x to faction y.
    0.0 no damage
    0.5 means half damage
    1.0 normal damage
    2.0 double damage

    I hope this helps! :saint:

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