Populate my new server

  • Purchased a server from G-Portal for Conan Exiles, and looking to have players populate it. the name of the server is [Conan SEXiles (PVP/PVE/Rape/Enslavement)] only have max of 10 players allowed but building destruction, player hunting/enslaving etc is allowed. progress is rather fast until you reach higher levels, I do not role play but if anyone who joins the server wants to RP they may do so freely. current mods are in order as Conan Sexiles 3.1.2, Immersive sexiles server mod, exiled lands improved, shendelzare's secret, warrior mutator for conan exiles, immersive sexiles stacks x1000, fashionist 2.7.4 (1.0 and dlc compatible), hyborian body/armor, and last aquilonian females. Just have fun, use common sense, don't be a griefer.

    Have fun gaming fellow gamers.<3

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