Bed Fast Travel Level Change

  • Something strange on the 3X3 map, the new one with the power stones. I see floating layers of islands that are not there and I can just walk through them, this is only in a few places, seems random. Also I was level 39 and I used the bed to travel to my buddies boat and suddenly I was level 7 and lost all my exps and skills. Anyone seeing behavior like this?

  • I had one player that was with us on my ship and he yelled out . Look out for the island your going to run right into it !

    Of course there was no Island for the rest of the players. It was a ghost island that only he could see . This was on a 2x2 map. The other we have experienced traveling from server to server but was fixed after turning off aging and then having the person use a fountain of youth . restoring him to 20 Years old

  • Hi gportal_354016 , well you left me hanging:( What happened? Did you hit the island? Also, I haven't had much time to play, so please tell me how you found the fountain of youth? I'm probably going to need it by the time I get back to gaming:D

  • For me and the other players there was no island . but you could hear the hull scrape on the rocks through the other players mic. We all rolled with the fact that he was seeing things and was going a tad bit crazy. I spawned the fountain of youth into the game