Adding Mods to your DayZSA server using the FTP

  • I've had a great deal of issues getting mods to work on my DayZSA server. If somebody could make a step by step guide on how to properly setup mods on the g-portal server, I know myself and many other people would greatly appreciate that person and their efforts to do so.

    Hope you all are having a wonderful day. 8o

  • Hello and thanks for joining the community. I found this on STEAM. Give it a shot.


    Nov 10, 2018 @ 4:05pm


    Client: subscribe to the mod in the workshop and then open dayz launcher, go to mods and enable it.

    Server: browse your server files and open dayzsettings.xml, find

    parameters="-noPause -window -x=1280 -y=720"

    add mod example

    parameters="-noPause -window -x=1280 -y=720 -mod=@UnlimitedStaminaMod"

    working so far, hope it helps.