Hosting PS4 ARK SE server

  • hey there I am completely new to this server hosting situation but im trying to get my gf playing ark but she hates the whole we cant play for 5 minutes without getting wiped by someone 100x stronger than us. so i want to rent my own server with me being the admin so me and my gf can play with space for our friends to come join as well. just some beginner questions like how do i find my server once paid, do i pick the name, is there differences in speed that i can pay for? Just looking for anything to help me get to this goal sooner.

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  • So once you rent your server and load your ARK game, you should get a screen that looks like this:

    Now you will notice I have 1 ARK for PC and 1 for PS4 and yet another for Conan on PS4. This will be your bread and butter for server control. This is how and where you will select how many slots you have. Slot = how many players can be in your game. Default for Ark is 10. Some games go as low as 4 (like Minecraft) or some default at 20 (like SCUM or ATLAS since they're newer)

    There are are whole series of wiki pages listed at the top of your screen with guides and 'how-tos' as well.

    And finally there are all the wonderful players, Moderators, and Administrators that are always willing to help out with Q&A as needed.

    Now there are going to be times when you will need to do a Support ticket, but never fear! The techies are quite nice and do their VERY best at getting a response back to every ticket within a hour or two. A lot of times, not even 15 minutes.:saint:

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  • Now if you want something more specific for anything feel free to ping me directly if you'd like. I have no trouble sharing my long as you bring the drinks :evil:

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  • How do i find my server once paid - Click on My Servers on the left panel to see all your games and servers

    Do I pick the name - Yes you will want to change the name of the game for your server so you can search for it in the game easier. Like mine are Yummy and Enon for the 2 games. To change the name you would go into the game and Basic Settings like this:

    Then you change the name like so and click Save:

    Now you can load ARK and search for the new name and there that is!

    Is there differences in speed that i can pay for? You can pay for 30, 60, 90, and 120 day stretches. You have opt to have the Extend Automatically or add the funds manually.

    I hope these help! Let me know if you have other questions though! :D

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  • yes thank you so much for the support and quick response. just to clarify when i boot up ark on my ps4 im going to get a screen like that? or am i going to have to like buy ark on steam in order for this to work?

  • and by speed i meant actual server response is there a way to pay for a faster running server?

    sorry again for all the questions but this was just a 11pm idea we had and now im trying to set it in motion haha

  • Well the screenshots I've provided are what you will see from the G-Portal login screen.

    You would connect to your server via web browser (Google preferably) and make alterations to your server that way.

    The screen is going to be a standard one.

    When you start up the game and go to the Host Game option you will get the screen shown above. This is where you click on the 'Unofficial Server' in the lower left part of the screen for Session Type and then filter things even further to find your server a lot faster. Make sure to Favorite your server for easier finding later.

    Buying ARK via Steam is mainly how you would do things for running a PC version. If you want to do both, then you would buy it via Steam. Otherwise all you need to do is rent through G-Portal and manage the server on a web browser on your PC or smartphone.

    There's a lot to managing a server though. Big pointer! Make sure you Save often and have the server Stopped when making changes, then Start for the changes to load easier and more efficiently.

    Now for server speed, there's really not much you can control on that end of things. That is something where if you think the server has a low ping rate or isn't functioning to peak efficiency, you would send a Support Ticket to the techies and they would scope things out further for you. Now if you have your own home network and know how to edit your router settings, you can always do things like adding IPs to whitelists, and other techie type things on your own end to make things a little faster. Most games have their own ping test to tell you what the connections are doing to your server. Ark has a ping reading in the Options menu.

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