Server restart notification in game

  • I would love to have it give a notification in game for an upcoming restart, and have it tied to a timer (like 10 minutes) so that people who are online can have some warning before the server restarts.

  • Okay I found the answer!

    When it comes to games, the PS4 does not support RCON functions, so this feature would not work.

    If you are doing a game via PC (Steam account most likely) those usually have RCON functions to allow a Broadcast Message and timer to get setup.

    ARK is a perfect example of this, since this one does both PC and PS4.

    PC Image:

    PS4 doesn't have this in Basic Settings. So general rule of thumb here - If it has the section for it, it support RCON. If it don't have it, no RCON functions will work properly.

    Hope this all helps!:)

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  • For gportal... under your panel, go to go basic settings, at the top is a section that now says restartbroadcastmessage, for you to add the server restart notification.