How to setup server as PvE-C?

  • I am trying to set my server up as Player vs Environment - Conflict.

    I have the PVP Enabled unchecked which sets the server to PvE.

    I have put in restricted PvP times, but the server is still listed as PvE…...not PvE-C.

    What do I need to do to get it to show up under PvE-C?

    Please help!

  • Hi,

    I may be wrong, but I believe it only shows that way for Official Servers. So you can have the settings but not the title, so to speak. Let's keep an eye on this and hopefully another community member will know better, than I. Take care

  • daenrys,

    I searched through other threads and found the answer! you actually answered it in another thread so I have fixed and it is now listed under PvE-C!

    I am having the same issue care to share the thread where this was addressed or share the fix here? Thanks!

  • meh will just repost what was done earlier, no biggie. Good reading with a Meat Lovers Pan style pizza too ;)


    These settings should give you the setup for doing PVE-C.

    Hope this helps! :saint:8)

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  • Having trouble finding RestrictPVPTime=True maybe my eyes are just cross eyed form looking for it. What is it sitting in between? and... thanks!

  • If you go into Server Setting ini files in the Configuration Files tab it would like this:






    Hope this helps!8)

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  • New setup on the forums makes things a little hard to find now. Have to take a minute to find how things lay out now. Hahaha:thumbsup:

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  • yeah that's the easiest place to do it from what I've seen. ohhh just re-read...andupdating..

    You can edit ini files in G-Portal. You just go into the Configuration screen and load the file to edit then make sure to hit Save (not sure why a lotta people keep forgetting to do this..:/)

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