Plz Add PrivateServer

  • Hello and welcome to the G-Portal community:)

    Can you restate your question/request? I don't quite understand, I'm sorry:(

    I want play only friends. but they more than 10.So I rent server.

    This Server can't play only we?

  • Hello,

    Ok, I think I understand. You can do this by changing your cloud settings.

    First log into your gportal control and then click on My Servers. You will see and option that says Edit Cloud. The next screen will look like this:

    Change the slots on your server to the number you need to add and then pay the difference in price. You can now increase the slots you have available and allocate them to your game server for your additional friends. It's best to do this with your Server Stopped. Then restart after you save.

    Please let me know if you need more advice. Take care and don't be a stranger, come say hi:love:

    Valar Doeharis...D7

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  • No.I already rent server.and I set 20 slots.

    But open server is groval.I hope only steam friends and request players.

  • Log into g-portal

    Click on My Server

    Click on the icon for the game server you have created for you and your friends

    Stop the Server then


    Scroll down to Server Password

    Enter the password you want


    Restart the Server

    Now no one can join your server without the password.