Community Member with Troubles

  • its been about 5 hours since I have rented a miscreated 20 slot server,

    I am able to do nothing at all,

    can not find server

    can not make any contact for ticket request

    can not edit or change anything at all on setting

    can not log into my account, but for some reason I can post this

    every time I put my user and password in it keeps telling my to change my password no matter how many times I do it.

    I would love a refund but can not get a ticket

    any link I click to get me to ticket section just takes me to the home page

    I'm being charged for something I can not use nor find

    the page and everything is totally unresponsive

    and the list just goes on and on, would love to hear some suggestions as to why this is happening:cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:

  • English:

    Hello and welcome to the G-Portal community. I understand you said you can't change your settings and need help. Is this right?

    Why can't you change your settings? 1) because you can't log in 2) you don't understand which ones to change because of translation?

    I will use a translator to help, but I need some more information as to why you can't change the settings.


    Hola y bienvenidos a la comunidad G-Portal. Entiendo que dijo que no puede cambiar su configuración y que necesita ayuda. ¿Es esto correcto?

    ¿Por qué no puedes cambiar tu configuración? 1) porque no puede iniciar sesión 2) ¿no entiende cuáles cambiar debido a la traducción?

    Usaré un traductor para ayudar, pero necesito más información sobre por qué no puede cambiar la configuración.

  • I just recently rented a server for Conan on Xbox1 but somehow I cannot access the server!!!!!

    Hello my friend<3

    Welcome to the GPortal gaming family:love:

    You can get assistance by submitting a support ticket.

    We can also help but you need to let us know a little more information. Please DO NOT post any personal details in the forums.

    So I take it your game cloud has been purchased. Did you create your server? You need to Add a Game, give your server a name, and tweak your settings.