Pooping and Dying....

  • I am sure it's part of the current mess up, but my character on my server just keeps pooping every 30 seconds and I can't get my vitamins to normal, even with cheats, not the most fun I have had on the game so far. Anyone else seeing issues like this?

  • Now that you mention it lemans81 ; idk if it's something that just occurred. My character never pooped, then last weekend she started doing it. I noticed it after I'd built a garden, and it may be a mechanic that occurs with age.

  • No something is wrong with the new engine settings, if you leave them stock, or take them too high, then your vitamins will be permanently at zero(not even infinitestats will bring them up) and you will poop every 10-15 seconds. Its terrible, finally set the settings to 3 and we can play, but we have to die to reset because eating does nothing. The extra weird thing is that it only affects two grids of my four grid server, but when I go into other grids I have lost custom things like my custom engram points and custom stat points....that last update broke a lot more than it fixed I think.