[New Server, Asia] Jared's Military Competitive Server

  • Greetings Prisoners,

    In response to the recent increase in criminal activity & overpopulation within available prisons, we would like to introduce a new Server, Jared's Military.

    Jared's Military Server offers criminals like you, a chance of redeeming your crimes should you survive long enough for extraction.

    Prisoners are placed into the server & cast out onto an Island. There, you will find yourself surviving among other criminals like you, while the country's civilians watch over you - in a reality TV show.

    The following information will be what you require to know before you survive,

    • A competitive x3 Item Spawn Multiplier
    • Default Sentry Spawn
    • A massive x100 Zombie/Puppet spawn
    • x6 Animal Spawn
    • 6 days blueprint duration
    • Server Resides in Asia

    In addition to the Server, an opening event has already begun; I will leave it to you to find out.

    The event may or may not aid you in your conquest for survival.

    A link to the Server's website will be provided to you here.

    A discord server has also been provided in the website for you - to befriend allies, or to claim territories.

    Should you choose to accept the offer; Jared's Military takes no responsibility upon your death & all of your records will be erased from existence.

    You will be ceased to exist - you have been warned.

    Signing off,

    -incomprehensible writing-