MASSIVE amounts of lag

  • Heya all, Hopped on to play Atlas this morning and am getting consistant lag spikes lasting in excess if 15 seconds each, on and average of 20-30 seconds apart. Obviously hosted through G-Portal, Sydney server, affecting anyone who logs on(apparently it was doing it last night as well). It has rendered the game completely unplayable. Server pings are all around 20-30ms, and prior to last night only occasional spikes were noticed. has anyone else had this issue? if so how did you resolve it. Cheers in advance...

  • Hi, I played ATLAS all day today and didn't notice anything game breaking. There were a few rendering issues but not major lag. If you are still experiencing this please submit a support ticket. Take care

  • Definitely submit a ticket like daenrys7 suggested. They may have to clear some traffic for the servers to work properly. The US West and East were working fine but the other server groups were having a small issue I think last night. The ticket will help the techies track the issue more steadily to see where they need to solidify things quicker.

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