Uninstall Mods?

  • Does anybody know how to uninstall mods? I tried removing the ID from the mod Id list and deleting the mod folder on FTP, no luck...

    I added the MultiVitamin mod, it has a problem where it turns ATLAS fertilizer into ARK fertilizer and ATLAS gunpowder into ARK gunpowder. I would avoid it for now.

  • I switched to A1 on our grid, uninstalled locally, got back on, the mod wasn't there anymore. However, once I switched to A2, the mod reinstalled and loaded again... I'm guessing there are actually 4 FTP servers, 1 for each part of our 2x2 map. The info to login seems to just be the A1 server. Any thoughts on how to purge this thing completely?

  • I have this bug too

    with my 1x1 server i remove the mod and after each restart of the server the gunpowder turn back version Ark.

    i dont know if its the mod or bug from the game itself...