Backup system is not working

  • We have been unable to restore any backup file for several days. A ticket was submitted, and after several replies, this is what the situation is currently. Good news is mod functionality may be coming soon.

    BradF Customer Support

    19.01.2019 - 15:37


    Currently the backup system does not work for atlas, This something we are working on, But will not be till later next week before we can fix this, as adding mods and other issues are currently priority. But we will get more features released soon

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  • Does anyone know if the Backup/Restore system is working yet? We tried to restore a file recently & it didn't work. Yet a week ago we tried it & it did work. Just wondering if anyone else has this issue. If not, I will have to submit another ticket. Thanks!

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    The backup system will restore for the Main grid, But the issue whne creating a backup its not saving data for all Grids, Thus not working. Its just backing up the one main grid of the server

  • Thank you for the info. What happened to us was we backed up the server at our home grid, then sailed to another grid. There we met and decided to restore the game, while we were still in the non-home grid. It would not restore. Am I correct in assuming that if we backup at the home grid, play for awhile in any grid, then return to the home grid and try to restore from there that it will work? If we backup while we are in a non-home grid and return to the home grid and attempt a restore there, will it work? Thank you!

  • My understanding of what BradF said is: Your main grid aka Homeserver is what is backed up not the expansions, regardless of what grid you are on when you do the backup.

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  • I have spend some time today testing different backup\restore scenarios and have come to the following conclusions:

    If you create a backup file while in your home grid, it is a valid file that can be restored while you play in your home grid.

    If you leave the home grid, the backup file is rendered invalid and cannot be restored in any grid, INCLUDING THE HOME GRID. If you travel back from a non-home grid to the home grid, the file WILL NOT restore.

    It would appear, at least for now, that the only way to use the backup\restore system is to backup a file while in the home grid, and not leave the grid. The moment you travel to a non-home grid, your backup file becomes useless and cannot be restored at any time in the future.

    This is what I observed while testing on our server. If anyone else has input on this, it would be very appreciated.


  • So I am a little concerned and confused now.

    Lets say there is a catastrophic failure of an extension server caused by any number of reasons.

    Does that mean that the backup files currently created would be unable to restore that server grid back to its previously saved state?