Miscreated - Question about Kiosks

  • Howdy!

    I searched and found one thread that looked like it asked this question, but the comments were all deleted for being too sassy I guess, but my question is, do these servers have full Kiosk access, including items?

    I'd like to purchase a server, but I need kiosk item access.


  • Hello and welcome to the G-Portal community. I'm not sure what game you are referencing so I'm hesitant to try to answer. Please post back with more details, ie. game name. Take care

  • I believe there is some limited access to kiosk items at this time for Miscreated.

    I just started the game myself to break...I mean play...no correction again, I do mean break, things as much as possible.;)

    I'll see if I can't find some things to make adjustments to the kiosk for you.

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  • So I found the only thing that can be done right now is the selling of the following items:

    All crafting guides (not as 'useless' as the others)
    All gnomes
    Christmas sweaters
    Christmas hat
    Easter Jacket
    Jack-o-lantern helmet
    Jack-o-lantern base part

    You cannot affect anything with weapons or ammo at this time.

    Gorgrak - Master of Destruction by eating lots of pizza

  • If you're interested in my hot take on things - kiosk item access really doesn't affect the game itself.
    You have access to all the server files on g-portal so it's possible to spawn in items, hence the item side of the kiosks being disabled. (Because items can be traded on Steam for money.)

    Pretty much you choose between _interestingly_ priced servers with the original host that allow full kiosk access and amazingly limited admin access, or a way way better admin and pricing experience without it. I have 2 servers at the moment, one with kiosk access and one without and the only thing keeping me from shutting down the one with kiosk access is that even as the owner I can't get hold of the database to save it and shift it here.
    With g-portal I can just ftp in and save a backup of the whole lot if I want.

    There's also some very interesting modding going on right now, with a couple people looking at writing up 'how to' guides. You'll only be able to mod servers that don't get that kiosk item access. And if you're going to have your server stand out, you really want that to be a possibility.
    So far I've heard of true loot increases, extra cars, more mutants (as standard you can modify the config to have 3x the amount of mutants as a 'vanilla' server, with modding there can be way more).