An Option to Choose a Version to Patch to

  • So due to the recent Patch for the server leading to a client mismatch via the postponing of the Update.

    I Believe it would be Ideal to request a Method to select a Version with the Date of Release added to that Version in order to patch your Server to that particular Version.

    It would help if they ever start doing Steam Beta Versions, so we could manage to roll the Server into a Beta version before the patch is finalized. The game might be a bit to new for that at the moment, but It would be nice to have control over selecting which version to patch to in case we need to roll back. Which in this case we do need to have the Previous patch in order to play on our server.

    Currently getting the Version Mismatch error with the Client with everyone. Ticket sent out and no reply yet.

    Tried a variety of things, including a Reinstall. Which is weird because Steam was able to do a roll back, so I'm hoping you guys can as well.