server cluster just says maintenance

  • It is getting old for me too. Paying for a service that needs constant hand holding is just not acceptable anymore. Between the hastle of having to ticket every single update and something as simple as repair hammers being broken i am about at my limit. The support guys are great though.

    While very frustrating, need to take into account the game is listed as Early Access.

    This means there are going to be tons of issues and bugs for at least a few years for the game. That's why games come out as Early Access, is to give players a chance to take part and help provide feedback and improve the game before final release.

    Unfortunately it is kind of the norm for gaming industry now. Unless it is a standalone game on a console, most games on PC are Early Access unfortunately.

    Anyone playing them should take this into account and know that while annoying as all get go, the developer is doing this to make a good product for everything that will last for 5-10 years after Early Access is completed and the Full Version is announced.

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  • Hello Everyone,

    I echo what Gorgrak says. There is a huge disclaimer before purchasing any Early Access (EA) game. That disclaimer translates in my mind as...prepare to be frustrated and if not prepared to be frustrated then wait for the full release.

    I think the first game I purchased in Early Access was Naval Action. Even though I got frustrated with it, it is still in my library and I revisit every now and then to see what's changed. They have come a long long way from my first log in. So why did I purchase it? Because I felt it was worthy of my support. When I discovered 7d2d. OMG! we have wiped so many times, redo mods, had numerous server issues, tons of hours and a pretty penny invested in that one. The game is fun and I've supported it for a very long time too.

    It's all a matter of preference and the ability to stick with a thing to see it finished. I hope that we as a community have the intestinal fortitude to see the process through.<3