*NEW* Might and Valor server! Clan Wars! Pvp weekend Raids only no Summoning!

  • Might and Valor will be a two clan, war based server. Once you achieve level 60 you will be asked to join a clan with an open spot available. There will be no solo players past level cap. You must join the war! I plan on Events being held on a regular basis and encourage pvp and weekend raids. If a clan becomes to dominate there will be additional challenges to "gimp" them so to speak or buff the "losing" side, In the name of fairness. There will be team based events and gladiator matches. Where the leaders will choose a champion(s) to compete for prizes and the glory of their kingdom! So join the war ! You might end up being the King or Queen of MIGHT OR VALOR !

    *P.S. I will act as moderator and knowledge center only. I will not take part in wars. Might be a boss for events on occasion though. :saint:

    Direct Connect :