server stuck in maintenance

  • hi,

    so our server didn't auto update this morning with our normal server reboots. when i went to start the server again it showed maintenance and has been suck like that for almost an hour now. any ideas?

  • My first question would be...(horns trumpeting)

    Are you guys trying to connect for PC, PS4 or XBOX? I didn't see any mention on that on any of the posts.

    This actually can determine certain connection issues you might be having.

    I've not run into the issue with my PS4 with this so will assume or guess that you're trying to do PC/XBOX connections.

    One thing that is causing issues with Conan and PC is Mods are going out of date and causing some major sync issues. Stop the server, THEN remove all Mods, wait for about 15 minutes so the backend can cycle the change, then Start the game again and see if that resumes the connection for the game. It might take 20-30 minutes to complete the Maintenance or load process, so give it some time.

    If that doesn't work then definitely go the ticket route and let techies know.

    Now if you're doing PS4 that's kinda a different beast since you can't really Mod there. PS4 is going to be submitting a ticket to both G-Portal and Funcom together and be as detailed as possible so they can sync things again.

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