Golden Root *New* PVE-C-RP Server!

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    Golden Root is a 25 Max Player Rp server with higher rates (5xHarvest, 3x Experience, Instant Crafting, Faster Thrall and pet multiplier) and tougher enemies. Though they hit harder, so do you! Enjoy fighting world bosses again because you can actually hurt them! You just have to be skillful enough to dodge them or you'll definitely die (without nice gear)! Hurrayy! Want to act like a crazed blood thirsty butthole? How about a dirty drunken pirate? Feeling like a traveling samurai? Or my personal favorite, a flesh eating creature that only knows how to grunt and beg for human flesh !? Come and let loose with your friends or come alone and make friends! I am the only admin at the moment but I am active player that plays daily and finally decided to get my own server. I have plenty of ideas for events, such as obstacle courses, Treasure hunts, Random boss encounters, Game Trivia, Slave auctions, and way more! I'm open minded and will never completely shoot down any ideas thrown at me. So join me and lets have some fun and make this server as awesome as I know it'll be! All ages are welcome but please be aware that I would prefer a mature gathering. I do curse, though I'll try to be mindful if your kids play with you. See you soon!

    * P.S. I promise to never abuse admin powers and play right along side of you, other than when creating or hosting events. Only then will I use powers/cheats. *

    Direct Connect :