4X4 All Biomes Question

  • To anyone playing on the 4x4 all biomes map......Have you found many lawless islands? Are most of the islands not lawless and thus claimable? I am asking because I am currently on the 3x3 all biomes map and there is currently only 1 island that is not lawless and thus claimable. I want to switch to the 4x4, but not if that map has the same problem with too many lawless islands as my 3x3 map does. Thank you for the help.

  • We have been on a 4x4v for about 2 weeks now. There is about 20 people on the server and I don't believe we have found anywhere that we can not build yet. It could be in the settings somewhere?

  • Thanks for the reply. After much investigation, I do believe it is a setting and I am going to test it tomorrow, I will reply back with my findings. Also, anyone can build on the lawless, the issue is that without any claimed land, there is high decay timers and no way to have a bed on land. Thanks for the help!

  • i was on the 3x3 server can we could build everywhere but we find the 3x3 map was not that good so we just upgraded to the 4x4 map it's so much better even if you only wanted to have 3x3 map size. I would use the 4x4 map and only pick a 3x3 part just because the more we played on the 3x3 the less we liked it a lot of the good islands are like boss island with lvl 90+ so you would not want to build on them
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