uploading items and dinos immediately disappear

  • Hey everyone,

    So I have been banging my head on this issue I have been having on one of my 4 servers in my cluster. Every server besides my island server I can upload and download items and dinos without any issue. On the island server when i upload a dino, I do see it on the list to download, HOWEVER if I exit the upload menu and go back in the dino is no longer in the list to download. Items disappear as soon as I upload them and it refreshes the inventory. Any ideas?

    I've tried to create a new character and that did not work, It shows 9 out of 300 slots taken, so I tried loading a single player game as I have seen ppl recommend this and none of the items were there. For reference I only uploaded 2 dinos and 7 items. I did have the classic flyers mod installed but it has since been removed. The dinos I'm trying to upload are direwolves anyway. The only other mod I have are S+ and awesome spyglass.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks

  • Yeah there's been some porting issues popping up lately for Wildcard in general.

    This is a known thing that they are working on fixing.

    I think the fix is out for this one?

    You might want to head to the Support tab for a ticket submission so they can see about doing the fix scripts to your server for cross travel issues?

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