Server Version for Atlas

  • That's why I was asking to see what version our servers are at....I see a lot of other un-official servers back up but still waiting for mine.

    Would be nice to know if are servers are at the current patch or if another issue.....

  • Is everyone else still stuck on updating? Just started this server today and after 8 hours of "installing" now it seems the "updating" marathon begins. Meanwhile other I know are happily playing on version 11 through other companies.

  • Patches are rolled out to rental companies in a priority listing for the developer. Wildcard Studios primary group is Nitrado. So they will usually get the initial rollouts for updates and patches first. Then they go down the list and roll out the updates with the proper permissions to the other rental groups.

    G-Portal likes to test the patches a bit first to ensure it doesn't cause more issues.

    This has been seen as an issue with other groups where they received the patch updated, applied it and then it made things worse before testing the patch a bit so they can prepare for what may hit a bit better. Not fully prepared mind you, but at least have some idea of what might hit.

    From what I've been seeing on other forums, there are patches coming out and the other rental companies really are not testing things or replying to people at all.

    Another thing to consider is since this is Early Release, they will apply patches even if someone is playing because there are still a lot of others who may not be able to play and are upset about that.

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  • That's a great idea Staff!

    It might not be right this second since they'd have to code that feature into the whole network, which can take time, but definitely worth having on a 'to-do' list!

    I would recommend going into the Feedback forums and break that idea down there. They do watch those threads for ideas and suggestions to help make things work better.:)

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