Can't join my ARK server for the PS4, keep getting timed out message.

  • Hi, I' renting a ARK PS4 server and I can't join my server. I keep getting timed out messages every time I attempt to join. Started with a 9999 ping now is down to 921. Is this how is going to be?? I rented a server from here because I heard of the 'no lag" it has. But I started my server yesterday morning and I'm yet to play on it.;(;(;(

  • The ping rates you see in the ARK list are not entirely correct, nor accurate.

    All a ping rate of 9999 means is that there was a timeout or corruption in the packet being sent back to your system.

    Unless you're playing when there is a higher traffic rate, which right now for ARK could be a possibility since they're trying to work out a lot of issues with ATLAS as well.

    If it isn't letting you join and it shows as Online, You will likely need to go to Support for a ticket so they can approach Wildcard on your behalf and sync things better.

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