3x3 Server of mature(lol immature...old but funny?) PvE with PvP events and laid back atmosphere(updated)

  • I am looking for some people to join my 2x2 3x3 server, its PvE with a few small exceptions(like if you agree to PvP, then go for it). Everyone is very laid back, most of the group have been online friends since Ark. Our age range of current members is 18-37, but we are open to anyone who just wants to play. To the server its a 40 slot cut up into 10 slots per grid, but I can absolutely upgrade should we have enough people, I have had a constant server or servers without downtime for over 3 years now. The rates are boosted, including letting you have pretty much all skills by the time you are max level of 100, 3x exp, 3x harvesting, 10x taming...breeding and such has been boosted as well, so has per stat points, this is set to be casual but still fun. I am nearly always available, I am always open to suggestions, I am the only admin there will be no admin abuse as I don't participate in events or contests unless it's for fun. Questions, feel free to post or come join the discord for more info. https://discord.gg/gv2PJnM

    UPDATE: Going to a 3x3 custom map, we built with every material possible, and there will be power stones, also a few QoL mods.


  • HAHA babies indeed. We allow our grown children to play on our server so we range from about 65 to 16......Many of us have also been playing together since SWG (Star Wars Galaxies, for you young pups). Wow now I feel even older because that is 16 years.....

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  • bump this again, we are just getting rolling, we have 4 full time players, and 7 part time players, with 3 more promising to show up soon. If we get the players I will go ahead and move up slots and possible at the next renewal to a 4x4. Come join, you will be heard by the admin I promise, and if something goes wrong, the admin will replace stuff for server/alpha game glitches. Just this week we found that Eco fireplaces on a boat will sink them, someone lost a galleon twice, and admin replaced it, before we realize what was wrong.