3x3 Resources?

  • @gportal_616073

    I play on the 3x3 as well. I have found a bunch of different fiber, mainly been down on the various islands in bottom grids. My issue with the map set up is that most of the islands, especially in the bottom half of map, are all lawless islands. On a 3x3 there should be no lawless islands.

  • talizorah

    Question for you. I am on the 3x3 all biome map, but it was designed incorrectly as all of the islands are designated as lawless......except 1! And the one island I can actually claim, is not a very good one. Thus, I saw your post(above) about running only 3x3 on the 4x4 map. Have you had any issues with too many lawless islands? How about missing parts of the game due to not utilizing the whole 4x4 grid? I am asking because before I switch and wipe all my progress, I wanna try and be sure that using only 3x3 of the 4x4 works well. Thank you in advance.