Discovery system and Island Names on 4x4 G-portal designed Grid

  • Hi,

    A question for the G=Portal Devs and people way more experienced than me :)

    I've noticed when checking out the grid the discovery system appears to be broken in that non of the Islands have names.

    Is it possible to edit the island maps to be able to edit Island names to what you would wish them to be?

    From what I've read it appears this will involve editing the ServerGrid.json file(s) to change or allocate names directly. Is that possible on the G=Portal provided custom 4x4 Grid and is the file stored server side or locally?

  • Hi Chris,

    Yeah, you need to edit the ServerGrid.json, there is a decent tool provided by the devs to edit it actually.

    Unfortunately, this feature is coming soon to g-portal. Until then we can't do anything.

    The discovery system is "working" but doesn't have island names.

    Fingers crossed we get full access soon, this will be when I make my map and release it to the public.