Death Wish Coffee

  • I cannot be held responsible for what is about to come.

    This will be my first go at drinking a full pot of Death Wish Coffee - French Pressed.

    A couple things may happen:

    My heart will give me the middle finger and blow up

    I will have the reaction as Fry in Futurama and move with blinding speed

    I will have massive headaches tomorrow from caffeine withdrawal and have to drink more

    So let's see where this adventure goes! 8o

    Gorgrak - Master of Destruction by eating lots of pizza

  • k so drank a cup of Darth Vader mug sized Death Wish coffee so about 12oz. maybe 14oz.

    My arms and legs are tingly right now so I'm feeling the energy coming....

    Gorgrak - Master of Destruction by eating lots of pizza

  • I LIVED!!!!

    But I was talking and moving around REALLY fast for a few hours! :evil:

    Got told to slow down a few times, but even slow was too fast it seems.:saint:

    So yes Death Wish coffee really pumps things up.

    Bad thing is a bunch of stuff I read I can't remember everything unless I'm hyped again :D

    Gorgrak - Master of Destruction by eating lots of pizza

  • When I was in my 20's they sold, and may still sell, mail order legal "speed" which we called "freeze dried coffee pills" and about 5 or so of those white crosses, black beauties or yellow jackets would do the same thing so I know how you felt, although the freeze dried coffee pills were time released so you kept those jitters, amped and ratchet jaw effects for about 8 hours.

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