PS4 Conan Exiles Server not Appearing

  • I recently purchased a server for Conan on PS4 and I cant find it in the server list anymore. I have been playing it for a few days and now so I have been able to find it previously. When I look at the server settings on g-portal I can see that it is using no RAM and no CPU.

    Please let me know what should fix this.

  • The RAM and CPU thing is a known issue with G-Portal. They have it on the to-do list. but no ETA since they're working on some bigger issues right now.

    Try making an adjustment to like 1 timer in Basic Settings with the server offline and save then restart.

    Sometimes you have to redo the Filter in the game screen as well.

    If that is still having an issue you will want to submit a Support ticket to G-Portal and Funcom so they can see if they need to re-sync things between the servers.

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