• Anyone know if we can make half our server PVE and half PVP? We tell people it is that way but would be nice if we could make half of our 4x4 server actually PVE so those people were safe and the other half PVP. Can this be done in the server files, or are they just always going to reset to mirror main cluster server?

  • That's an awesome question!

    I do believe that it is set to mirror from one to the other at this time. I haven't seen any way to split the PVE and PVP aspects at this time.

    I will send it on as an idea/suggestion for you though for sure! Thank you for this!:)

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  • That would be my server. We have not accomplished this other than to post it in server rules and hope everyone follows them at the moment. That is why I posted this , to see if anyone has found a permanent solution. :)

  • What you do is you have to change the Ini for each grid, to do this log into your server using an FTP like FileZilla and under the status page : Access data

    All access data relevant for a game server to find your FTP password and username and substitute the IP and Port using whats on the cluster page for each server then navigate to the game.ini and the gameuser.ini and edit them for the settings you want per server, be warned however if you update the ini from gportal itself it will write to all ini not just the main server, this is also a great way to where if you want players to explore putting 2x xp outside the freeport squares will help motivate them to move out or increase xp in he freeport but lower resource gathering and the opposite in outside the freeport.