INI files not applying to cluster and odd region connection issue to expansion servers

  • Does anybody have any idea why our cluster is not applying the custom FTP uploaded INI files to the other expansion servers.

    We also keep getting one of our UK based folks unable to connect to any of the expansion servers as well.

    Anybody else having odd cluster issues or connection issues for certain regions?

    Ticket of course has been created but i dont expect a response due to it being sunday

  • I think everyone is working 7 days a week right now to get ATLAS issues sorted out:)

    There have been some cluster issues people are chatting about in one big thread.

    I know some people have tried to reinstall the game on their server with some success.

    I'm not entirely sure about the FTP issues though. I've been seeing a lot of hit and miss on that issue. That might be something for the techies to check into further?

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