9.31/2 patch problems

  • Anybody elses servers stuck trying to update? Ive got 2 unknown status and 2 updating status going on an hour now.

    of course.. ticket has been submitted but its what, midnight over in germany now?

  • Sorry to hear about the issues you guys are having.

    Please take in mind, both Wildcard Studios and G-Portal are working very, very hard at doing updates to fix issues at this time.

    One of the things that tends to happen, the Dev will update the 'Official Servers' first and then G-Portal or other rental companies kind of have to play catch up and this can cause some delays. It just a matter of getting things to process quickly and so you all can work more easily.

    Please keep on top of your tickets though to G-Portal and we will all work together and do our best to get everyone out there to do some piracy!

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