Petey's Farming Jamboree

  • Come out to Felsbrunn! New 16 slot FS19 server fully up and running with a plethora of mods, admin support, and lots of land left for farming!


    Server is located on Germany (been having issues with people connecting to International) and has the following mods installed:

    Big Bud 747

    Brochard EV 2200

    Composite machinesheds

    Deutz Fahr Series 7

    Fendt 900 Black Beauty

    Fliegl ASS 298

    Fliegl DPW 180

    ITRunner Pack

    Krone BigX 580

    Krone EasyCollect 600

    Spendimo 320 FC

    Splendimo 900 MC

    MiltipleMissions (Unofficial Mod>> Go to the link to DL>>