Fantastic Resources and Where to Find Them (2x2 G-Portal Map)

  • Since the G-Portal maps are smaller and different than the official maps, some resources are a little confusing to find. We haven't fully explored the entire map, but I have been to a few islands and am still looking for the following resources:


    Wild Chili


    Honey (Edit: Found a single bee on the north east island on A1, but lost track of it; Also found a honey "node" on the north central island via admin searching, but good luck getting to it - tons of dangerous creatures around)



    Rabbits (Edit: Found a couple on the north east island on A1)

    If anyone has found these, please let me know. I'd be happy to compile a list in this post if people want to contribute.

  • I've found B1 has beehives for your honey, and I want to say it was B2 had chili, has anyone found good sources of straw other than digging? Edited cause I derped on reading the title.